Learn with Online Courses

Get the skills and certification you need to find the job you deserve

Results Oriented

Our team of teachers, content developers, programmers and filmmakers have created and continue to create a base of learning objectives to meet the challenges of educational quality in which we are committed.

Adaptive and personalized

Each course has a variable learning path, which comes from the progress of each student to provide guidance to the student within the Kuepa platform.

Certified Courses and Careers

Besides the courses that have relationships with each other, they offer working oriented Careers to ensure rapid recruitment and certification that allows our students to improve their employability.

Individual monitoring

Classes are composed of a small study group offering you a personalize relationship with your teacher in order to plan your learning path and get your certificate.

Kuepa has more than 1,500 digital lessons, 150 teachers and 10 technical institutes throughout Latin America where students can take courses, careers and training.

Learn with videos, digital lessons and teaching support

Students have access to the platform and can take any course Kuepa offers, either at a Technical Institute or from their homes via the Internet. Kuepa Platform allows students to access their personal account from any computer with Internet connection.

Online tutorials with teachers

Teachers have schedule fixed, where collaborative work is performed to generate computer skill. Otherwise, the student can contact the teacher through the platform to receive specific support.

Combined education

Besides learning with videos, exercises and lessons on the platform, students can attend classes at our technical institutes where teachers provide support and offer group lessons.

Ongoing support

At our institutes, students learn with constant educational support ensuring rapid recruitment.

Students empowered by goals

The platform has organized courses with different objectives. Each objective is a labor, employment or particular skill that students, completing the courses, can certify it.

Study what you want

This means that each course has a specific goal for the student to apply in the labor market.

Lessons goal-oriented: Your Certificate and Your Career

Furthermore Kuepa allows students to take separately courses to improve or certify specific skills.

Tracking reports

Throughout students advance, the platform throws statistics and progress reports that allow them to know how they are doing and how much is needed to meet the target.

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